Our first published title set the tone for the subsequent decade of development. Pac-Man World Rally was a demented Disneyland of color and chaos, and is generally recognized as the greatest kart racing game ever made in which the vehicles eat each other. A few years and several games later, we were ready to step away from contracted development and begin publishing our own titles.

Concerned about the poor state of history education in our nation's schools, we resolved to turn a spotlight on WWI-era canine aviation and bring a new dimension to the problem. The result was the Xbox 360 hit Snoopy Flying Ace, which won accolades from players and the gaming press, but was received with a confused and awkward silence by the academic journals we submitted it to for review.

In 2010, we entered into an agreement with the National Geographic Society to incorporate their venerable brand and content in our fledgling online playground for kids, Animal Jam. In 2014, we extended that agreement for an additional 10 years, ensuring that the Animal Jam community will continue to benefit from National Geographic's unique educational resources.

Now inhabited by over 90 million animals created by players, Animal Jam is the largest online social network for kids in North America. From our Salt Lake City headquarters and studio office in Amsterdam, the WildWorks team is expanding the world of Jamaa to encompass mobile devices, consumer products, books and animation. It is estimated that by 2017, there will be more virtual animals in Jamaa than real bacteria in the ocean.