AJ Play Wild! Unleashes Wildly Popular New Packs Feature

SALT LAKE CITY, JANUARY 3, 2018 – WildWorks’ Animal Jam - Play Wild!, the leader of the pack in mobile kids’ games since 2015, is now letting players join their own Pack: an in-game social group with themed “hideouts,” a Pack-specific chat channel, daily reward “loot,” and more. Since the ambitious, leading-edge feature’s launch in November of this year, over 210,000 Packs have been formed, and kids’ games will never be the same.

Play Wild! Packs are social groups that can consist of up to 25 players within the furry fun and educational universe, and are based upon allegiance to one of the game’s six Alpha animals. Players can also create their own custom Pack crests that will appear on their name badges, and they can now earn experience and level up, a new action to unlock Play Wild! rewards. Every Pack also features its own “Hideout,” a place where players can meet up, strategize, and collect rewards from their Pack “Loot Chest.” The wooly world of Play Wild! Is now as unlimited, and inclusive, as a kid’s imagination!

However, the Wildest innovation lies within Play Wild’s monetization strategy. Sapphires, the game’s premium currency, have been available previously as in-app purchases. Now the new membership feature that allows players to create and join Packs can also be purchased with Sapphires that players have earned in the game over time—without spending actual money. The ability to earn membership features without paying and getting premium content in both Play Wild! and the web-based game Animal Jam are firsts in the kids’ game market.

“We’re changing the way monetization works into kids’ games,” says Clark Stacey, CEO of WildWorks. “Animal Jam subscriptions now extend across platforms at no additional cost, and dedicated Jammers can pay with currency they earn within the game. ‘Free to play’ actually means free to play … not ‘free to demo.’”

In Play Wild!, players can chat with friends, play games, and learn about the natural world from in-game videos, animal facts, and downloadable ebooks. WildWorks also provides opportunities for players to participate in real world causes, including animal conservation efforts. The company implements important safety practices, including in-game chat filtering, human monitoring of chats to keep bullies at bay, and customizable parental controls.

Play Wild! is available for free in the Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. For more information about Animal Jam, visit www.animaljam.com and follow on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/PlayAnimalJam.