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AJ Play Wild! Unleashes Wildly Popular New Packs Feature

SALT LAKE CITY, JANUARY 3, 2018 – WildWorks’ Animal Jam - Play Wild!, the leader of the pack in mobile kids’ games since 2015, is now letting players join their own Pack: an in-game social group with themed “hideouts,” a Pack-specific chat channel, daily reward “loot,” and more. Since the ambitious, leading-edge feature’s launch in November of this year, over 210,000 Packs have been formed, and kids’ games will never be the same.

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Teaching your child to be a responsible digital citizen

Parents have always had a lot to worry about when it comes to their children. It’s simply part of the job. Many of the issues parents face today are the same ones they’ve dealt with in the past, including safety, diet and how much independence to give their kids. But parenting in the 21st century also comes with new challenges that past generations never had to tackle. Overwhelmingly, these challenges have to do with how kids safely and responsibly use digital technology.

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